Our cry for Liberty

Kritische maatschappij gerichte hersenspinselen...:)

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Our cry for Liberty

Bericht door Petra » 27 jun 2018 05:41

Het kwam eigenlijk door het filmpje van Peter dat ik hieraan dacht.

Gerry Spence over werken en leven. Hij schrijft het als 'call to Americans' maar ik denk dat het een wereldwijd fenomeen is.

Die polar-bear snap ik namelijk erg goed. Altijd als ik een grens over moet heb ik flink de P in vanwege alle checkups, de idiotie van een paspoort om te laten zien dat ik iemand ben, en de gedachte als vee via dranghekken van het ene hok (Vietnam bijv.) naar het volgende hok (NL bijv.) gedirigeerd te worden. En dan is het NL hok met daarbij behorende NL paspoort nog een enorme pré in onze human zoo. :lol:

http://centre.telemanage.ca/links.nsf/a ... E1005EDD5F
Politics. Politics. It's disgusting. But one thing: I have security."

"So does the polar bear in the zoo."

I say we are slaves. All of us. And in bewildering ways, our bondage is more pernicious than the slavery of old, for
the New American Slave embraces the myth of his freedom as he would a dead puppy and, with all affection,
speaks to it as if it were alive.

Our nation was built on slavery, a house torn down by the great Civil War. But this new house, a house of
mirrors, of secret rooms, of hidden passages -- indeed, a vastly more subtle and deluding structure -- has been built
on the same malignant foundation. And today we live in this house, and we are all still slaves. Hear Goethe's
warning. "No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he is free."

And if we are the New American Slaves, who is our master? The New Master is an entanglement of
megacorporations on the one hand and an omnipowerful national government on the other, each stuck to the other
like a pair of copulating dogs, each unable to move without dragging the other behind it, each dependent upon the
other, hating the other, but welded to the other in a dissolute enterprise.

The New Master, a political and economic hybrid that was not invented to serve a free people, is driven by a
gluttony unparalleled in human history. The power it produces is incalculable. Utterly fabricated to generate profit,
it feeds off the people, digests the people, and excretes the people in a game of world domination in which profit is
virtue and money is god. The New Master is mad.

Like any unabashed heretic, I have an agenda. As I see it, we are in this together. I wish us all to be freed. But
before we can free each other, we must first free ourselves. And how?

In this book I offer recipes for our personal freedom that will invest each of us with the power to break out of
the zoo. We shall discover how the mind constructs the cage but also opens the gate. We shall discover how,
experiencing our new liberty, we can never be defeated. And we shall discover how to create a new paradigm for
success, so that success is based not on the accumulation of great wealth, but on the acquisition of great

But to free ourselves is not enough. I propose radical reform to reclaim America: We must take back the
airways, the voice of the people, and create a new constitution for the twenty-first century. I propose a
revolutionary method to finance elections. And, to save ourselves from the lies, the cheating, the unholy sellouts of
self-seeking candidates, I propose the eventual abolishment of elections altogether. To replace them, I outline a
means by which we can draft our representatives by lot, and by which we can create a Senate composed of the
nation's finest minds and most evolved citizens, a pristine government to lead us at last to the promised land.

This book, then, is a manual for freeing the self, and an invitation to join with one another in creating a new free
nation for the twentyfirst century. It is a cry exhaled out of love for the walking dead. It is a battle plan for a nation
anesthetized under promises long ago proven fraudulent, a call to Americans to awaken and rise, up from under the
decaying shrouds of myth and to one day inhale the bright, brisk air of liberty.
Braver dan the braafste braverik!

"If the mind can find no meaning, then the senses give it. Live for this, wretched being that you are."
― Anne Rice, The Queen of the Damned

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